Skate & Dinner

Skate & Dinner

After an exciting skate session, we head straight to Riad Ayour for an incredible dinner. If you’ve heard about Moroccan food, get ready for a never-ending feast. At Riad Ayour, the food is simply amazing.

Skate + Dinner: 45

Our Specials

Immerse yourself in the fiery delights of our spicy cuisine at Riad Ayour Hostel. Prepare your taste buds for a tantalizing adventure as you indulge in our flavorful dishes that pack a punch.

Meat Tajine





The Plan

Transportation to the spot

Transport to the playground is included in all 5 packages, just tell us where you are and we’ll come to get ya 

2 Hours Coaching

Our experienced coaches will guide you through a progressive series of lessons, focusing on balance, technique, and advanced maneuvers.

Protection to be safe

Safety is our top priority, so we provide all the necessary protective gear to ensure you feel secure and confident while learning.

A couple of nice shots.

As a bonus, we’ll make sure you leave with stunning photos, so you can always cherish the beautiful moments you spent with us.

Every night different meal

Finish your Surf skate session with a delicious dinner at our Riad Ayour, where a delightful experience awaits you.

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