About Us

Who are We ?

Surfskate Maroc comes straight from our hearts. We are Ayoub and Mohamed, our story is simple but enduring: We met at the local beach in Tamraght and have been an unbeatable team ever since – on water and on land! We both work as surf coaches and enjoy teaching our love for surfing so much that we came up with the idea of bringing our passion from the ocean to the streets. Surfskate had us hooked straight away.
Now we want to infect you and enable you as a surfer to exploit your full potential! We can’t wait to meet and coach you here in Morocco!

What Surfskate Teaches you?

Whether you want to learn the fundamentals of surfing or to improve the surfing skills you already have, surfskate leads you the way!
With a surfskate you can easily practice your surfing techniques:

Pumping and generating speed

Learn pumping and master the techniques to generate speed on your surfskateboard like a pro.


Learn the art of smooth turns and stylish carves, adding fluidity to your surfskate style.  

improve balance

Level up your surfskate skills by improving your balance, gaining stability, and riding with newfound confidence.


Unleash your full potential by identifying and rectifying mistakes, paving the way for continuous improvement.

Work on your surfing stance

Perfect your surfing stance, unlock optimal control, and elevate your performance on the surfskateboard.


Train your body to remember every move, building instinctive responses and unlocking peak performance in surfskating.

Our mission

Welcome to our surfskate community! We are located in Tamraght, a small town and surfer’s paradise near Agadir in Morocco. Here we follow our mission to bring the flow of surfing the waves of the ocean to the land. We aim to grow our surf skate family to create a welcoming environment for everyone who wants to try something new, make fun experiences, learn valuable skills and also conquer fear. Come join us!

why surfskate

First things first: because it’s fun and you should not miss out on having fun in life.
You are already surfing for a while or started your surfing journey recently? We have some good news for you: Surfskate improves your surf conditioning, your balance and your body control. It helps you to practice turns, smooth your skating style and ensures an enjoyable experience.
Oh and it’s the perfect thing to do on down days!

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