Embrace the Flow.

Sculpt Your Perfect Surf Movements!

Our experienced coaches will guide you through a progressive series of lessons, focusing on balance, technique, and advanced maneuvers. you’ll refine your skills and gain valuable insights into your surfing style.


Surfskate Lessons

Surfskate Lessons

Learn to carve and ride like a pro on land, enhancing your surfing skills and balance. Join us for an exhilarating session on the board!

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Surf & Skate

Surf & Surfskate

Embrace the fusion of surf and skate with our dynamic lessons. Explore the fluid connection between ocean waves and land-based surfing. Unleash your inner flow and experience the thrill of riding both the waves and the streets

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Skate & Dinner

Skate & dinner

Discover the thrill of our 'Skate & Dinner' package. Ride the board, master tricks, then savor a delightful dinner. It's the perfect fusion of skateboarding excitement and culinary satisfaction.

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quit your mind free your body.

Embrace the thrill of carving and cruising on our boards as you experience the perfect blend of surfing and skateboarding. Feel the rush as you glide effortlessly, effortlessly weaving through the streets or practicing on smooth concrete waves. Engage your senses, let go of inhibitions, and allow the pure joy of surf skating to take over.

Professional Surf and skate coaches to help you improve your level

Our team of pro surf and skate coaches is here to help you level up! With their expertise and friendly guidance, you’ll receive personalized instruction to boost your skills





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